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    the Mountain bicycle and other kinds of driving on impassability

    Tourism and sports competitions (including on explaining the ground) on mountain bicycles develops very dynamically. Routes are developed on all territory of peninsula, hire exists in Yalta (hotel "+Ёхрэфр" and some sanatoria). However, for some days to hire bicycles much more cheaply, and also to employ velogida in Simferopol - Krymveloklub.

    Different areas of Crimea are good on the and almost all of them are accessible to some extent from Yalta:

    Southern coast of Crimea (the Big Yalta) - the most difficult area for a cycle tourism because of the big differences of the heights, the limited visibility limits on mountain streamers and high density of habitation and resorts. Frequently between the next valleys along seacoast it is impossible to pass - it is necessary to rise to South careful highway, and then again to go down. Even there, where roads like also are laid, on them the barriers protecting territories of health resorts or housing estates are established. So velomarshrutov not so it is a lot of variants: from South careful highway downwards to the sea through any of popular dvortsovo-park complexes.

    Velospuski from highway to the sea come successfully to the end and supplemented with returning to a lodging for the night place by steam-ships of a South careful line. Such rings: a trolley bus (bus) - a bicycle - the steam-ship - it is possible to wind set round Yalta. For example, to go down through the Nikitsky botanical garden. But preliminary we recommend to examine the Nikitsky cleft. Through Gurzuf (about visiting of park of sanatorium "Gurzufsky" and an enthusiastic admiring on Adalary, the Genoa rock, Shalyapin's rock and an accurate profile of Bear-mountain).

    Jugo-to the west Yalta any resort settlement - ancient palaces and the country houses surrounded with parks, the unique landscapes opening all new lines with each turn of a road streamer is interesting. Are most remarkable: the Gold beach at bottom of the Bottom Oreanda (the best on JUBK); cape Ah-todor with the Swallow's nest, the rests of the Roman fortress of Haraks (I - III centuries), a beacon and ancient park; Mishorsky park (descent from Koreiza), the Alupkinsky palace and park with stone chaos; in area Simeiza - mountain the Cat, rocks of the Miracle and the Swan Wing, fine park; at last at Forosa - a summer residence "Кхёёхыш" with ancient park.

    On jajlu Ah-petri from settlement Mishor the rope-way is laid, it is ideal for fans of downhill racing. A special extreme – descent on stony abrupt wood road on a ridge of Iograf.

    It is Most interesting and various for the mountain conducted-tourism Southwest Crimea. Mountains in height to 1545 metres, the most complicated rocks and canyons are combined with flat hills, cool valleys.

    Cave cities, in particular Mangup, are unusually interesting to a mountain bicycle, including for the most difficult style of driving - bajk-klajmbinga (conquest of rocks).

    Mountain Crimea is cut in all directions by the well-known ancient pack tracks amazing with the declivity.

    Having risen on a rope-way on a plateau Ah-petri, at once you receive a huge prize in ascent and possibility of remarkable and long descent to the Grand Canyon of Crimea and further - to cave cities.

    Southeast coast Crimea (Big Alushta and Sudaksky area) - here mountains any more so densely rise to coast, and extensive valleys at the sea incorporate a beach strip on which it is possible to go. On valleys of mountain small rivers it is possible to rise upwards, for example to the well-known Valley of Ghosts or to falls of Dzhur-Dzhur. Jajla Karabi who towers over this coast, the most deserted place in Crimea. The abundance of karstic funnels gives to a landscape a lunar kind.

    On mountain impassability it is necessary to carry To the same group of tourism cross-country races and a jeep-safari .

    Under Alushtoj the line for the minicross-country races, collecting the best racers of the former Union is equipped. Interesting routes are developed for jeeps and kvadrotsiklov (them offer on hire) a little enough.

    Training a jeep-safari for teenagers is offered in the Yalta club "-рЁіхЁ".

    On a dense grassy cover of the Crimean Foothills and wood roads it is quite joyful and extreme kolbasitsja on the roller fads, every possible fri - long - or mauntin-bordah.

    And again the same lines, pack tracks and first coats serve for horse tourism. the Best place for it are open spaces Ah-Petrinsky jajly, and the main centre of cultivation rysistyh the breeds, known is far outside of Crimea, the Yalta horse-racing club "-рЁіхЁ" is; (39 65 05). Here the international tourist programs are carried out some.

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    Olympic bases and fitness
    Rocks and caves, aeronautics, winter sports
    Extreme culture, hip-hop and a break-dans
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