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    Olympic bases and fitness

    Crimea long since was base for preparation of sportsmen of all Soviet Union for Olympic games, therefore in former years the set of unique sports constructions and schools an Olympic reserve is constructed. Many of them, for example, the Yalta base "+трэурЁф" yacht-club and a sport complex "+юЁэ№щ" in Arteke give and now excellent possibilities for trainings and rest of sportsmen: athletes, bicyclists, football players, and it is final, for various kinds sailing and aquatics, diving.

    The Most sated with various sport constructions, as a whole, is Gurzuf and if to tell to a departmental sign - that health resorts of power structures (the Ministry of Defence and others).

    Football grounds for gathering and trainings exist in Yalta - the Camp site Д+трэурЁф" (with rent of sports constructions and fields) Yalta, bodies.: (0654 32-00-00 and Arteke (0654 36-30-80, /

    Tennis courts exist the most different level, both for the international tournaments, and for amateur employment, for example, at many health resorts (the Ministries of Defence of Ukraine in Gurzuf) and the big hotels ("Їы=р"). Remarkably, when they are located in ancient parks, for example in Massandrovsky in Yalta.

    Halls of training apparatus and fitness clubs - are very popular and extended in all cities and large settlements, there are constant groups and hourly payment. At the big hotels and camp sites there are halls of training apparatus and is frequent small towns of training apparatus in parks. In sanatoria training apparatus - a part of the improving and medical program. It is successfully supplemented with various kinds of massage, the Finnish sauna, and sometimes and Russian bath. Baths and saunas for the small companies (4-10 persons) with premises for rest and meal are usual at hotels, camp sites and sport centres.

    It is very popular and povsemesten (even in mountain villages) a pool , Russian and American.

    Big bowling - the centre "-х=ю" it is constructed in Yalta in Seaside park, bowling is and in entertaining centre "Matrix" at hotel "+Ёхрэфр".

    The Equipment for minigolf for quite some time now settles down at hotel "Массандра" in the bottom part of Massandrovsky park.

    Diving and aquatics . From 7 till 16 years to immersing under water with an aqualung the specialised centres of diving in Yalta (the centre "+ътрёяюЁ=" are engaged in training of adults and children; in Seaside park and the program "-юыічю ёыхфюя№=р" in the Yalta club "-рЁіхЁ"). With an underwater photo is even easier, for this purpose it is not necessary neither long training, nor special depth of immersing. In all popular places of diving underwater photographers work also.

    On the majority of the Crimean beaches, near to ports, moorings, yacht-clubs and life-saving stations to you will offer hire or the freight: diving equipment, motor-hang-gliders and the balloons, one- and double (with the pilot-instructor) paraplanes, yachts, boats, water motorcycles, sailing boards, boats, water bicycles. You can tow behind a boat on a paraplane, a water ski or on an inflatable plotike-banana.

    For serious employment by aquatics it is better to come to Crimea the whole collectives that however and do from year to year many schools of synchronous swimming, clubs of young seamen, sea scouts, sports schools etc.

    Competitions and gathering on sports and another to dances . Perhaps, sports №1 in modern Ukraine are sports ball dances. Anyway on an abundance of clubs, number in them children and frequency of competitions. The largest competitions - World championship level are spent in hotel "Їы=р".

    The International centre Artek spends the whole specialised change on sports ball dances, and it is some thousand participants. The same change in Arteke is devoted also to classical ballet.

    National and variety dances also in honour at various children's festivals.

    In the Summer many clubs fighting arts , including because of limits of Crimea, train in classical "ьюэрё=№Ёёъш§" conditions - in mountains, among the pure nature, near to sacred places from an antiquity, known for the it is inexplicable powerful power. It for example, a plateau Ah-petri, mountain the Cat.

    The Abundance of romantic ruins and rich military history involve to Crimea fans role games , historical fencing.

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