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    Places of filmings and specific points

    ... Learned by bitter experience, I have come to conclusion that for quiet and productive work it is necessary to have base with well equipped platform for decorative statements... My choice of a place for such base has stopped on Crimea where also sunny days in a year more than on caucasus, and the road message is much better...

    From the book of the founder of a film studio in Yalta A.A.Hanzhonkova (1877-1945)


    The Clear azure of the sky, pure dry air and infinite summer have made Yalta a cradle of the Russian cinema. Here in 1911 the first has been constructed in film studio empire - A.Hanzhonkova, in 1918 - branch of the Moscow film studio of Joseph Ermoleva (the founder of a film "Father Sergy").

    Ermolev in 1907 worked in Yalta for the French firm Pate which shot here the first landscape films. And A.Honzhonkova's first Yalta film was huge event and a new word in world culture: the film "Defense of Sevastopol" which premiere has taken place in 1911 in the Livadijsky palace for an imperial family, combined also an extensive historical material, and mass game battle scenes, and even documentary shooting of gallant old men in awards.

    By the way, the first shootings in Hollywood have begun only in 1913, and motion picture industry blossoming was defined there by the First World War in Europe. After emigration also I.Ermolev there worked.

    Certainly, in Crimea civil war has interrupted film-making manufacture.

    But in a Soviet period here, on the Yalta film studio came to work all film crews of the Union - from Central Asia to Baltic, and also Germans, Yugoslavs and even Englishmen and "other different Swedes", to 40 groups in a year!

    The Secret of Crimea not only that shooting is disturbed seldom by a bad weather. In the world many the beautiful countries, and their landscapes became symbols of the nations: mountain woods of Switzerland, lake of Finland, birchwoods of Russia, sandy deserts of Turkmenistan, cretaceous prairie USA … But it can be removed all (and acted in film!) in one Crimea. And near with highways. Not necessarily asphalt, but accessible to autocaravans of bulky technics.

    Certainly, not last role was played always by that after shootings in "tundra" or "gloomy vaults", actors go to lap in the tender sea, and the diamond scattering of fires of the beauty of Yalta in their evening waits.

    Eh!. Cinema-men, here who lives beautifully …

    And who to you disturbs?

    Also rails and cranes are completely not obligatory now multiton lihtvageny with projectors.

    The Simple chamber nicknamed in the people "soap tray", it is quite enough for a home video or photocomics with your adventures. Because you will find landscapes in the big Yalta for everything.

    If will carry, try to get on the present shootings.

    At studio "ЯЛТАфильм" the remarkable booklet is let out. The text was written by the general director of studio director Valery Pendrakovsky. The most interesting, perhaps are the combined shootings of sea battles.

    For shootings of great volume of the combined shots for an English film "YOUTH of the ADMIRAL" in 1997 on the Polykurovsky hill - the main natural platform of the Yalta film studio - the special pool has been built. It is turned by the working party (hydrolevel on all front of a modulation of water is sustained) on the south, towards the sea. The area of a surface of a mirror of pool of 700 sq. m. the Size on front of a modulation of 43 m. From perelivnogo edges to an installation site of the chamber of 35 m. the Pool is equipped by a set of electromechanical means for imitation of scale waves on amplitude and height, vetrodujnymi installations, spillways (on 2 tons of water everyone).

    And now the small review of places where to remove well all.

    the Swallow's nest and Forossky church not so long ago are immortalised in the insurgent "the First blow of a Jackie of the Tub".

    Settlement Katsiveli - the openwork silvery design like a locator has created at once a fantastic spirit in a film "Secret of an iron door". Well and prison of ocean depth - taki yes!, storm pool of Sea hydrophysical institute. mountain the Cat has perfectly added a landscape of the country born from desires of the boy-wizard.

    Alupka - a local palace of count Vorontsova, inconceivable, inadmissible, unreal mixture of the East and the West. Whether it is a fairy tale? More precisely all fairy tales where action occurs in palaces and locks, it is possible to remove here. For example, «one thousand and one night».

    Yalta - for some reason I recollect palm trees in snow and in general strange cold and severe Yalta from a film "Assa". But all the same the beauty. To which all you forgive …

    "Under the sky blue there is a city gold" under this song you and can make the clip, having risen on a rope-way by gold domes of a temple of sacred Alexander Nevskogo. From quay, there where walking steam-ships are moored to it, curtail upwards - at the corner there is an index "Rope-way". It comes to an end on a hill of Darsan, there, by the way, the scenery of an antique temple made for a film "All gods of the Olympus" have still remained. On all extent of a rope-way, and it is final from a hill remarkable panoramas open.

    Still films in which it is easy to learn Yalta, first of all its Quay: "Thieves in the law", "the Lady with the doggie", "Mirage", "the First blow of a Jackie of the Tub", "Finist the clear falcon", "This sweet word freedom".

    On Quay to remove interestingly it is literally continually, but is and "the obligatory program": a monument to Lenin in an environment of palm trees, the port, new restaurant " the Golden Fleece " - the huge Ancient Greek ship flying on steel support, and already habitual, but the recently perfectly updated schooner " Espanola ", in 60 and 70th years acted in film in tens sea battles and adventures. The magnificent hotel " an Oreanda " in which lux there was a final bloody outcome of a film "Assa" finishes Quay.

    Above Yalta a lot of the interesting is already removed and still probably to remove on to the Glade of fairy tales (and in a museum of a fantastic sculpture, and in a zoo "Fairy tale" ). Even the new hotel in the classical Alpine style, decorated with pendant flower clubs, reminds bright scenery.

    Above the Glade of fairy tales the whole small town of cottages under red tile roofs - the Yalta horse-racing club " the Open-cast mine " - constant base of filmings here already is located more than 20 years. Registration of buildings of club, an abundance of the carved, forged, mosaic ornaments, a decorative falls and pool for bathing with spring water - all speaks about constant cooperation with people of art. Scenery for shootings sometimes establish directly on a horse arena of club.

    the Pine grove over Massandroj - successfully represented Russian wood both in fairy tales, and in films about guerrillas.

    the Nikitsky cleft - very small, but unusually "wild" picturesque gorge in steam of hundreds metres from a trolleybus line above Nikita. Each turn of a cleft opens new landscapes so at shooting it is easy to create illusion even long-term travel, as for example, in "Children of the captain of the Grant". Well and great storyteller Alexander Rowe in general created here miracles.

    the Specific platform on turn of a line from Nikita to Ah-danilju - the best kind on the Gurzufsky bay.

    Artek - a basis for shootings - harbour artekovskogo yacht-club, and the basic scenery - rocks-islets of Adalary and Aju-dag (Bear-mountain): "Children of the captain of the Grant", "Odyssey of captain Blada", "Hearts 3".

    The Best specific points for shooting - a tunnel in the basis of the Genoa rock, a tower on the Pushkin rock, a monument to Lenin (it by the way, the biggest and the most expensive in the world, considering the sizes and cost of its huge pedestal).

    the Arbour of Winds in mountains over Gurzuf, on a so-called Gurzufsky saddle, a place of shootings for many fairy tales and adventure films.

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