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    Wine growing and winemaking

    The Crimean wines in all variety of their and those stories and myths which round them are combined, in many respects define interest of tourists to summer holiday in our fertile to edge. Special excursions in vinodelcheskie economy, visiting of museums and tasting became for a long time a pleasant component not only rest or tourism, but also resort treatment - after all many wines possess both dietary, and medical action. Many, but not all.

    And if to address to realities of present rapid development of the market: we will face not only with irrepressible vinotvorchestvom, annually giving rise to tens vinotorgovyh firms and hundred new names of wines, but also falsification, invasion of low-standard foreign production, and simply full chaos on store counters.

    So-called casting wine by which all places of mass occurrence of tourists are now filled, is produced usually from synthetic syrups, water and spirit. Even to the person usually using only vodka and beer, all the same it is possible to recollect taste of grapes and cognac. Wine should be something an average (if absolutely to simplify). If you have called in to try sladenkoe a medicine in the street – find in its viscous and fragrant taste at least a hint on grapes thin skin. It will be more often all the same very clear analogies with pepsi-koloj and other synthetic soft drinks.

    Wine on flood really release vinodelcheskie the enterprises and their firm shops. In the Big Yalta fault of the trade mark "Massandra" and "Magarach" (small experimental batches) are made only therefore at all respect for other marks to visitors of the Big Yalta we advise only these wines. Wine – a district product to estimate it it is necessary there where it is born.

    The Factory of secondary winemaking of "Livadija" is spilt only by fault, and specialises on inexpensive mass wines. It is not necessary to confuse its production to the well-known port "Livadija" which from the end of 19 centuries lets out only "Massandra".

    Massandrovsky wines

    Dry wines "¦рёёрэфЁр" lets out not so much, white: Table and Kokur table is from a unique Crimean grade, unusually sweet, therefore even dry wine from it is at all deprived sour tones. Red: Alushta and Kaberne Partenit – very dense, fragrant, almost opaque, with hardly knitting taste from tannins so gums useful to strengthening. These wines were extremely popular after Chernobyl failure – rescued and morally and molekuljarno, they deduce from an organism radionukleidy. Though in "+ыѕ°=х" along with grades of Saperavi and Morastel all participates the same Cabernet-sovinon, as in Cabernet of Partenit, in character of these wines the geography is clearly read: open space and fresh winds of the Alushtinsky valley in one, and in other – the sides of Bear-mountain filled in with the sun. For quite some time now "Massandra" spills also red dry "Merlo" and white dry "Naddniprjanske" - vinomaterialy for these wines arrive from economy of steppe Ukraine.

    From dry wines pass to strong , for example, to ports. A word this German. Though means literally "тшэю from ¤юЁ=ѕурышш". Present Vino de Portu, really, very well, but this dry natural wine. The Crimean ports on technology occur from German (natural fermentation остана'e8е ostanaja grape spirit for sugar and bouquet fastening) but if them to compare German look diluted time in two-three. Our ports concentrate in themselves the tender sun. In general all Crimean wines on heat are better for drinking, diluting with potable water, and in cool weather and for cold on a glass of tea there are enough 15-20 grammes of cahors wine or red port at once to feel as pleasant salutary heat spreads on a body.

    However, on tastings, of course, wine do not dilute.

    Port white South careful

    Classical type of branded strong white wine. It is developed from grapes of grades: semilon, Aligote, Pedro Crimean, Tokajsky, etc. Wine of is dark-amber colour, bribes completeness of taste and the developed bouquet in which prevail fruit tone with almonds subtle shade. Soft taste is in harmony with a bouquet and leaves long pleasant poslevkusie. Endurance term in oak container - 3 years. Spirit - 18% about. Sugar - 10 g/100 sm3. At the international competitions it is noted by 3 gold and 1 silver medals.

    Port red Crimean

    Branded strong red wine. It is developed from grapes of red grades: Cabernet-sovinon, Saperavi, Morastel, Bastardo Magarachsky, Aleatiko and others. Heat and sunlight abundance, dry warm autumn of Crimea do wine bright, remembered. A bouquet fruit difficult, mature. Taste full, soft, harmonious with tones of dried fruits. Endurance term in oak container 3 years. Spirit - 17,5% about. Sugar - - 10 g/100 sm3. At the International competition in 1970 it is awarded by 1 gold medal.

    From strong wines pass to likernym . It g ruppa the sweet wines containing from above 20 g/100 sm3 of sugars. Prepare from vysokosaharistyh the grades of grapes capable to uvjalivaniju and zaizjumlivaniju (the Muscat white, pink, black, violet, Pino grey, Rkatsiteli, Cabernet-sovinon, Saperavi). To likernym to wines the majority muscat and tokajskih wines, wine of type malagi, etc.


    the Muscat white "-Ёрёэюую ърьэ "

    It knowingly name King Muskatov. Branded white likernoe wine produce from grapes of a grade the Muscat white which is grown up at a rock the Cornel-tash above Gurzuf. Vintage for processing at sugar content not below 29%. The easy citron in taste does this wine unique, is refined-gentle and noble.

    It is created in 1953 by A.A.Egorovym (1874-1969). Now spreads in firm bottles of 0.5 l, a wholesale price by deliveries to 10 000 grn. 36,00 grn. It means that in shop (or on hands) wine it costs nearby 70 griven. Everything that under this kind is on sale much more cheaply – at the best ordinary muskatel without endurance (too quite good wine, by the way, but is no need to be deceived).

    the Order of the prices on Massandrovsky wines if to take them on flood directly at factories: from 10 griven for litre for dry wines and ordinary ports, from 18 griven for vintage wines, for example, cahors wine. In shops, the price for a bottle of vintage wine of 0,7 l will be from 16 griven. Once again we remind that fault is better to take in firm shops Massandry. On quality of wines firm networks “Fault of Crimea” and "Рю¦ч--шъ=рэ".

    are reliable also

    Pino-Gri "+щ--рэшыі"

    Very dense and sweet, almost opaque wine from unusually sweet grapes (the grade of Pino, in general, goes on champagne preparation), after cluster maturing still podvjalivajutsja on the sun so concentration of taste and aroma becomes still above. Is called on district between Gurzuf and Nikita. Differs aroma of a crust of rye bread with easy tone of chocolate

    To Steam of words about vinodelcheskih economy of the Big Yalta:

    State farm-factory Д-штрфш " (the tasting room is at factory in Alupke)

    In November, 1920 on the basis of the nationalised imperial manors in Livadii and an Oreanda this economy has been created. The area of vineyards made 44 hectares, total vintage - 21 ton. Now in an economy there are 280 hectares of vineyards, 32 hectares of gardens, 80 hectares of tobacco of Djubek South careful. The state farm specialises on manufacture of high-quality branded dessert and strong wines.

    The Basic areas occupy technical grades: the Muscat white, Cabernet-sovinon, Verdelo, Sersial, Pino grey, Albilo and others. Average productivity during the last years makes 37 ts/hectares, total gathering - 670 tons.

    State farm-factory Д+ѕЁчѕ¶" (has a small tasting room and firm shop – on entrance to Gurzuf from a trolleybus line).

    It Is created in 1921. The area of vineyards made 225 hectares. Now in an economy of vineyards of 326 hectares, from them of 322 hectares - imparted. Average productivity of 35 ts/hectares, total gathering of 800 tons.

    The Basic place in plantings is occupied with grades of a dessert direction: the Muscat white, Pino grey, tokajskie, Cabernet-sovinon, Saperavi wines from which create glory to domestic winemaking.

    Except grapes, the state farm grows up vysokoaromatichnyj tobacco of Djubek South careful on the area of 45 hectares and vegetables.


    Firm shops


    Street of Wine maker Egorov, 9, (the bottom checkpoint of factory), bodies. (0654 37-75-53.

    trol. №2, №3, m/taxi №3 - ost. "-шэчртюф"

    Marshak's street (the Pushkin market), shop Д¦рёёрэфЁр" bodies. (0654 31-62-39.

    trol. №1, m/taxi №15, 8, ost. To/theatre "РярЁ=ръ"

    Street Kiev (the vegetable market), shop Д¦рёёрэфЁр".

    trol. №1, m/taxi №8,15,18 - ost. "-юь юфхцф№" "НшЁъ"

    Street Sverdlova, 6, shop "¦рёёрэфЁр" (at an input on the Massandrovsky beach)



    Palace highway, 9, bodies. (0654 72-11-98.

    The Tasting complex "¦рёёрэфЁр"

    Shop "¦рёёрэфЁр",

    Cafe "¦рёёрэфЁютёъшщ фтюЁшъ" (has opened in июле1998)

    A bus №№ 26, 27, m/taxi №№ 26, 27

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