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    Entertainments, show business and a night life

    From July till September to Crimea there comes the majority of known executors of Ukraine and Russia, and also circus and theatrical collectives. Well and it is final, actors combine work with rest. Still bolshee quantity of beginning executors in all genres, and also collectives with numbers for a variety show, night clubs and restaurants, wander across Crimea within all year. Recently practically each city suits musical and theatrical festivals both for professionals, and for young executors and children. Collectives participate in them even from Africa and Latin America.

    On resorts meetings with movie stars of the CIS countries as in Crimea many films still act in film are popular also.

    Mass concerts at stadiums and in concert halls are supplemented with performances in night clubs. The price level in night clubs of Yalta is maximum, in Simferopol more low.

    Even in small resort settlements if there there are large health resorts, there are quite good concert halls and so-called kursaals where are spent as well discos.

    The Largest concert hall is Yalta summer theatre "Мсшыхщэ№щ", the largest in general in the CIS, with remarkable acoustics and a sliding roof. The prices here reach improbable size, however, and level of stars corresponds.

    Yalta the Resort hall is in Seaside park. Nearby to it – opened a disco . Summer the circus Chapiteau type scatters the tent on the bank of small river Derikojka (street Moscow, 31), directly at it a trolleybus stop.

    Casinos work round the clock on all large resorts (near to quays) and at all large hotels, povsemestny slot machine arcades. In the big game complexes separately there are automatic machines for adults («one-armed gangsters» and so forth) and automatic machines for children with imitations of an auto racing, space adventures, hunting, single combats, an extreme, and also aerohokej, basketball, and other entertainments which are not assuming a prize.

    Entertainments on Quay after its reconstruction since 2004 became more expensive and more refined. Now on Quay, first of all, walk (not in sense zagulov, and nespesha legs go). Listen to street musicians (classics, a jazz), slightly listen restaurant "shansontsev", hidden by the strict mayor in main walls, do not shout under a karaoke (about, I have just now understood why so it became good!). Certainly, for small now, but very various scooters on age and skejterov, a smooth granite now - pleasure is simple.

    Some attractions have remained around a plane tree of Ajsedory (at small river Wuchang-sou, for some reason it have not altered, as Dere, on Russian harmony in Derekojku and do not call Uchansuchka, in Russian it Vodopadnaja). But much more became a casino, boulingov, the fitness centres with a fashionable set of ten baths.
    Somewhere taki have dispersed from crowded places ubiquitous on other resorts of dealers "wine" from water, synthetic aromatizatorov and spirit.

    However and "Massandra" in the capital shows itself apathetically and boringly, but brisk good fellows from evpatorijskoj firms «Golitsynsky wines» is dashing present the production directly at the best epicure constructed once by Krasnov for a merchant of Staheeva.

    To be drawn (in sense that from you have made a portrait or a cartoon) and to allow to earn to artists and fine now it is possible for other carriers not on Quay, and in Seaside park between a monument Bitter and a monument to "the New Russian person». By the way, I advise near it to be photographed. But in general the season counter – to be photographed with Negroes. In the beginning of July they have sharply arisen on all South careful quays.

    the Night life. Officially prostitution is forbidden, but exists there where on it there is a steady demand, for example, in large hotels and in kruiznyh ports. Unlike some countries where the law shuts eyes to that prostitution strongly "яюьюыюфхыр" only from 16 years in Ukraine voluntary sexual relations, including the homosexual are possible.

    The Relation of the population to lesbians, thanks to pop, curious and benevolent; to gays - hostile, except for the well-known gays. However, in Simeize to gays who in large quantities began to have a rest here since 1980, have quite got used.

    Institutions for fans ekzoerotiki does not exist, but some choice of sex toys and other intimate goods is in special shops in Yalta.

    Magazines, posters and video with a so-called soft sensuality are on sale everywhere. Newspapers print announcements and stories of any degree of frankness.

    There are no problems to get acquainted in any disco simply with other having a rest or local young men - traditions of resort flirtation, easy and noncommittal, were formed in Crimea long since and have, thanks to the classical Russian literature, a romanticism and refinement touch.

    Venereal illnesses extend in Crimea as everywhere - it is not less, but also it is no more. Condoms are on sale everywhere, including in round-the-clock grocery booths. Level AIDS yet does not exceed traditional dangers.

    Any drugs (including easy and synthetic) are forbidden. Storage and sale - criminal is considered the use administrative infringement. In Crimea an environment is favorable for wild growth of the Indian hemp, marihuana and a poppy, and transit position of peninsula attractively for illegal business. Be cautious and do not let an occasion even think that you drugs can interest.

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