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    the Review of beaches and parks. A naturism

    Appeal and a glamour of Yalta at all have no any logical explanation and are not reduced at all to the sum of any favorable climatic and other indicators. Duration of solar light here is less, than in any other place of the Crimean coast, but however, all the same more than in Sochi or Nice - 1775 hours (from April till October), and the sea and to present environmental problems, as they say, did not shine. Nevertheless the swimming season for adults begins on the average on May, 17th and lasts till October, 23rd, that is the temperature above 17 degrees keeps longest in Crimea. In general the autumn this best that happens in Yalta (perhaps, the best in the world).

    Of 160 days of a swimming season on the average 46 drop out because of strong excitement (very picturesque) and 13 more because of "§юыюфэ№§ =хёхэшщ" ("эшчютъш") - sharp decrease in a water temperature which happens usually in June.

    The Season with a water temperature above 20 degrees proceeds in Yalta from June, 22nd till October, 4th, because of storm and sgonov 40 days drop out of it approximately.

    Beaches from the end of 19 centuries were considered as weak vacation spot in Yalta. Below Quay the most undemanding "zdyhliki" (so on JUBK name having a rest) lap in doubtful cleanliness harbour waters. Thus, as Seaside, and Massandrovsky beaches – are free and amaze with frankly non-russian rationality of the organisation. On both beaches there are some paid rent sections. For example, "Corsair" (in the heart of the Seaside beach) gives a beach, besides plank beds, awnings, a shower and other hygiene, without an additional payment weight of sports entertainments for adults and children: hills, trampolines, table tennis and other.
    Have consulted like on the Massandrovsky beach and with imposing every possible pahlavy and smoked fish directly on naked bodies. The same bodies without ceremony rise hardly above and can buy in a continuous strip of a public catering «plov, bread, salad» for 8-12 griven, well and other guarantees of love krymskotatarskogo the people to the brothers-buyers-Slavs for very quiet money and very quickly.

    On the natural features beaches of the Big Yalta concern to Crimean subsredizemnomorju. The main ridge of Crimean mountains approaches closely to the sea unapproachable rocks of half-kilometre height.

    The Western part of this coast from Forosa to cape Ah-todor (with the Swallow's nest) is remarkable picturesque rocks and stone haosami, small bays with transparent and pure water, an abrupt bias of a bottom and gravijno-galechnikovymi beaches, sometimes even with large enough blocks of strong volcanic breeds or mramorizovannogo limestone ( - gravel - okatannye stones in diameter to 2 sm, a pebble - okatannye stones in diameter from 2 to 10 sm, blocks - large fragments of rocks, boulders - large okatannye stones). Vzmutit such "яхёюёхъ" can it is far not each storm, therefore such chartreuse talker as in Evpatoria and other resorts with sand, here does not happen.

    For Ah-todorom coastal line not so such levelled and steep: silent bays alternate with mighty capes. Yalta, Gurzuf are located in the big semicircular bays bordered with mountain amphitheatres.

    Zhivopisnost Juzhnoberezhja bears lines of eternal struggle of a land and the sea: destructions of coast by waves and a surf, collapses, landslips, taluses, earthquakes. If to compare old artificial beaches with new it is easy to notice that now designers and builders try to keep picturesque rocks and blocks, organically to include them in ferro-concrete designs. Was considered earlier that they disturb to the approach of technics and them blew up. Now it is forbidden, and from an annoying hindrance of a rock have turned in main "шч¦ьшэъѕ" and water round them is much purer, thanks to sea hospital attendants - to the organisms filtering water.

    The Successful example of an artificial beach can be found in Mishore. The Mishorsky beach and park is the warmest place in Crimea. In comparison with Yalta the winter here, on the average, is warmer on 1-2 degrees, and with Simferopol - on all 4. The beach is created by building of concrete quay and breakwaters between which filled the crushed magmatic breed. Now it is transformed by the sea in good okatannyj pleasant small gravel. Among it, and also in the sea and on concrete walls of quay separate blocks picturesquely rise. Most remarkable of them is called a rock the Bagel . In a hole from this bagel it is possible to walk the small company.

    Sea water in Mishore is so transparent, as from the top floors of high-rise cases of perfectly kind freakish game of solar beams on ground seaweed.

    The Special role in ecological equilibrium maintenance Southern coast is played by calcareous rocks in the sea - they still name jajlinskie ottorzhentsy because once they have come off a southern edge Jajly - the Main ridge of Crimean mountains. In addition mountain the Cat, rocks of the Miracle and the Wing of the Swan, Adalary, the Frog, Sultanka and the Chekhovian rock are improbably beautiful, romantic and, naturally (naturally, are especially esteemed naturistami - fans of continuous sunburn. Unusually pure water and protected from a wind and immodest eyes of a bay on "эюёѕ" Bears-mountains and other South careful capes serve as the award to all who can reach there. But it is not necessary to forget that at the slightest storm these places become mortally dangerous.

    Pljazhi Juzhnoberezhja harmoniously supplement sanatorno-park complexes - Forossky, Alupkinsky, Livadijsky, Massandrovsky and others.

    In Alupke the beach nicknamed in the people "РъютюЁюфюёър" is very interesting;. The rocks surrounding a small bay, especially in the mornings, create effect of double sunburn, reflecting solar beams.

    Very entertaining bays, rocks and grottoes in Gurzuf and Arteke. And in general, the settlement, the better a beach there is less. Concerning the prices - in small settlements beaches free. In Yalta and large settlements - paid, the most expensive, naturally, in Yalta. On beaches and, with rare exception, it is impossible to get to parks of health resorts even for money.

    Beregoukreplenie on JUBK has begun with the most mastered places, therefore city beaches of Yalta and Alushty are attractive only to visitors from apart. Tourists in Yalta are content with beaches Massandry. local go by boats far enough - on Foros and Kastropol.

    At the majority of South careful settlements naturisty (nudists) settle down outside of artificial beaches, among stone haosov rocky capes, for example, in Nikita - on cape Martjan. But to the West from Yalta there are extensive artificial beaches over which health resorts, for example, in settlement by Katsiveli are not constructed yet. There these beaches serve for bathing and sunburn stark naked.

    The Beach at bottom of mountain the Cat in also is considered Simeize nudist, and it was already chosen for a long time by representatives of minority.

    The Naturism is culture with century traditions, is not reduced only to bathing by naked child and demands certain knowledge and decencies:

    • naturisty settle down not on city beaches, and on their edges, there not so it is convenient, but it is poorly populated. Are most attractive stone haosy;
    • at conversation with the bared person (or a simple greeting) should look it in the face. It is accepted to greet and say goodbye to neighbours (even unfamiliar) on a nudist beach;
    • a photo- and a video shooting it is not admissible, except for special reportings and only with the consent of those who participates in them;
    • your enthusiasm will get rid at once of white not suntanned strips is severely punished by your organism - a skin under a bathing suit more gentle. That you have already sunbathed in other places only will lull your vigilance. Under direct solar beams it is possible to hold gentle parts of no more than 15 minutes, every day adding gradually. Consider thus and time in water;
    • a naturism it also respect for the nature, and also for associates - it is not accepted to litter, talk loudly, impose the society, in general to attract attention.

    In addition on the given theme:

    Safety and hygiene
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