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    Foros and the West of the Big Yalta

    (Opolznevoe. Park. Coastal. An olive. Sanatorium. Foros)

    These resort settlements are created by the nature for lonely rest of the high-ranking persons. Unapproachable rocks, strict tone of the evergreen parks almost hiding ancient palaces and ultramodern state summer residences, unusually pure deserted beaches... And aerials, "=рЁхыъш" locators, spets-posts.

    The Center of this of enough poorly populated part of the Big Yalta is Foros from autostation here the bus № 28, and from Quay – the trip steam-ship follows. At autostation – the centre of local trade and services: the market, shops, delivery of apartments and other.

    Public. These places have become history thanking "юс·хъ=ѕ ГрЁ " where it was kept during August putsch of 1991 the former president of the USSR M.S.Gorbachev .

    However "Іыш=рЁэ№щ" rest began to develop here only last decades, after building of excellent mountain highway Yalta-Sevastopol. And from the XIX-th century beginning here gradually there were only rare summer residences of the big originals and the big creators requiring a solitude.

    Most-most. the Forossky park still was accessible recently only to the higher partnomenklature. And now for small money the ticket for visiting can get any. In park it is especially popular "ррщёъшщ ѕуюыюъ" with six tiny lakes in the uniform cascade with tiny falls. It is created for the pre-revolutionary tea king and patron of art A.Kuznetsova, also as well as a private residence in classical style.

    But in 1820 the manor of Tesseli has been welcomed general N.N.Raevsky who has put park. It is known, as his son Nikolay, Pushkin's friend, passionately loved plants and collected herbariums even during fights with mountaineers on caucasus.

    In 1932 on a summer residence of Tesseli of M.Gorky has written «the Life of Klima Samgina». And the first cosmonaut Jury Gagarin has got the well-known scar on an eyebrow, unsuccessfully having jumped out from the second floor of sanatorium "Форос".

    In 3 km to the West a beacon on cape the Buzzard - the most southern point of all European part of the CIS. From cape the Buzzard 44°23 ' To cape Kerempe at Anatolijsky coast of Turkey - the bottleneck of Black sea - 142 miles.

    Well and between Tesseli and Sarychem in natural boundary Komperija there is an object "the Dawn" constructed in 1988 a summer residence of M.S.Gorbachev on which its disgraceful presidency has ended.

    In Park something has remained from manor Jacob Zhukovskogo, the relative of well-known artist Vrubel. In 1905-1912 it has put unusual landscape park over which ornament the set of artists and the sculptors entering into vanguard group "+юыѕср  рючр" worked;. The sculptor has decorated A.T.Matveev its romantic "Ёѕшэрьш" bridges, fountains and numerous sculptures of girls, young men and boys. In total was about 40 statues and other interesting constructions, but has now remained about ten.

    Skala Ifigenija - result ancient vulkanizma. But it is more than emotions causes at thought on human sacrifices for the sake of the Maiden, the goddess of Tauris. Classical tragedy "¦¶шухэш  in КртЁшфх" for three thousand years it is put, possibly, at all theatres of the world.

    The Pass the Shaitan-merdven , the Devil's ladder, was used at all times for transition with Juzhnoberezhja in foothills of Crimea and back. 40 abrupt turns are concluded in stone tesninu throughout kilometre.

    the Kalendsky track conducts from with. podgornoe (former Kalenda) that at Bajdarsky gate, to Yalta also incorporates to the well-known Devil's ladder.

    The Palace and park " Melas " century by L.A.Perovsky - the participant of a Patriotic War of 1812 are constructed in 30th XIX , and then has passed to one of his sons, the writer to Anton Pogorelsky (among the other author «Black hen»). In the middle of the last century here veins the Russian poet A.K.Tolstoy – that Aleshenka for whom this fairy tale has been written by its uncle.

    Near to the sea there is a source of mineral water of type of Essentuki № 20.

    Pgt Sanatorium (Mshatka and Muholatka). If from Forosa to go to Yalta at Melasa attracts attention a narrow rocky ridge Ah-juri (St. George), reminding more likely that dragon. In its stone sides it is cut dvuhsotmetrovyj a tunnel. On east exit from it to the right of road three sharp rocks Mshatka-kajasy steeply rise. They world famous also are very popular among climbers.

    The Name of rocks has passed and to a manor Mshatka , in the XIX-th century beginning belonging knjazhne Italijsky, a decanter Barbarian Arkadevne Suvorovoj-Rymnikskoj, the grand daughter of the great commander. On her name it began to be called as Varino.

    Later near to Varino the naturalist and philosopher N.JA Danilevsky who has left after not only an appeal to slavic unity has lodged in natural boundary Abil-bah, but also remarkable park.

    Danilevsky's Friend the Estonian artist J.Keler in the eighties a XIX-th century tried to create in Mshatke a country colony in the spirit of a utopian socialism. However its visits here had result only remarkable pictures, for example, "Ђьхэшх Mshatka with a kind on Bajdarsky тюЁю=р".

    On March, 19th, 1885, being in Simeize with patient L.D.Urusovym, Tolstoy has gone on foot in Mshatku, has stayed there all the day long and has staid overnight. On vozvrashchennii Tolstoy wrote N.N.Strahovu to Moscow on March, 31st: "…№ы in Crimea also has gone to Danilevsky. It very much to me was grew fond, and his wife... In it such sincerity, sincerity which and to imagine to itself эхыіч ".

    Annually on December, 10th the Crimean scientists, public figures, students of high schools gather in Forose, that pochtit memory of outstanding Russian philosopher Nikolay Danilevsky in its birthday.

    Muhalatka . The place only has found recently popularity. Even in such advanced company as this amusing name is considered Club of Experts an invention: "Ррьѕшы Jakovlevich Marshak has invented somehow the country Muholatku. In it marry not, and zamuh, creed in эхщ Ц muhamedanskoe, favourite Ёрё=хэш  Ц a bird cherry and mushmula, the army is armed by muskets and mushketonami... And what word, according to Marshak, in this country the most tender?

    the Answer: Zamuhryshka. the Author: Boris Burda.

    And here from memoirs of the daughter of Stalin Svetlana Aliluevoj: "-хёэющ 1935 Ordzhonikidze went to have a rest to Crimea, in Muhalatku, and took me with itself. I remember as it all time played with me and wanted, that I was a number. But I gorbunja, Lydia Georgievna, dragged away me somewhere in park. Ordzhonikidze it hated also all was surprised — whence to me such have dug out?...

    For "тчЁюёы№ь" a table in Muhalatke then gathered: Ordzhonikidze, Ejhe, Yezhov, constant doctor Ordzhonikidze doctor Izraelit; there came also professor Pletnev. All managed terrible destiny: Ejhe has got to prison, doctors — too; all of them were lost. Yezhov at first put others, have then planted also it. Sergo чрё=Ёхышыё ..."

    In a Soviet period of Muhalatka became Alla Pugachevoj and Phillip Kirkorov's favourite vacation spot. Had here a summer residence and writer Julian Semenov. Here that his daughter Olga writes: " one bright woman - Alla Borisovna Pugacheva Was on friendly terms with the father really only. In my opinion, relations at it with the father were purely Platonic - it sometimes came to us on a visit, we happened at it at concerts. The amusing ridiculous history when once Alla Borisovna has arrived in Muholatku was remembered and at small small restaurant near to a summer residence has sung on two voices together with the daddy's servant the aunt Cherish "-х= = ducks and two уѕё ..."

    From everywhere visible - from below from the sea and from above with Jajly, on a lonely steep rock flaunts graceful church of Revival Christ's . Is over the item of Foros on border of the earths of Sevastopol and the Big Yalta, therefore it is known and as Forossky church. It is constructed on a lonely Red rock (steep breakages I reach 400. To a rock from below from highway numerous loops of a streamer the old highway climbs up, a part of its turns is cut off foot "sokrashchenkami". It does a slope by a favourite place of walks of experts, and for professionals of a mountain bicycle of Moscow and other places – a place of master classes, both on asphalt, and on impassability. Here pass also Russian national team trainings on cycling.

    In 1892 the architect academician N.M.Chagin by request of tea magnate A.Kuznetsova has erected church in memory of rescue of emperor Alexander III and his families at train wreck in 1888 the church Image on a rock became the trademark on tins with the best in empire tea.

    Over church the old South careful highway leaves to Sevastopol through Bajdarsky gate. From them the best kind on church, as if uplifted over Southern coast opens. And the new highway very convenient and picturesque goes at bottom of a rock with church. Anyhow, the church became one of symbols of Southern coast. It is embodied even in a film «First blow of a Jackie of the Tub».

    Bajdarsky gate are constructed in 1848 in honour of end of building of road Sevastopol - Yalta.

    Bajdarsky a valley (Baj-dere – the Bajsky valley) is in the ancient time named so for rich with fruits and game of wood and wonderful springs. Well and now quite bajskimi modern private residences in an environment of the landscape named the Crimean Switzerland, with really soft climate without a heat look. At with. Spring (Skelja) have remained huge menhirs – cult astronomical constructions of the Stone Age, the Skelsky cave is recently equipped for visiting .

    Now on this road go, it is possible to tell, only for the sake of Bajdarsky gate and a remarkable kind from them on Forossky church and picturesque coast below it. The modern highway between Yalta and Sevastopol passes much more low, through Laspinsky pass where on a powerful rock the specific platform is arranged. the rock bears a name and is decorated by a bas-relief Garina-Mihajlovsky , the quite good writer and very talented engineer-putejtsa. It is enough to tell, what even after century of its research and calculations were useful for building of this road.

    From a platform the grandiose kind on bays Laspi and Batiliman, cape Ajja opens.

    Ajja (Sacred, grech.) the cape limiting from the West Southern coast of Crimea. Adjoining picturesque rocky coast with small beaches from outside Balaklavy - natural boundaries Ajjazma and Chair, and also Batiliman from the east enter into territory state zakaznika Cape Ajja.

    This zakaznik and a bay Laspi concern the earths of Sevastopol, but already high-grade Juzhnoberezhe. Them still name the Crimean Africa for dryness of a climate, a heat and security from winds. Rocky haosy in water look dangerous enough, but shtormit here it is very rare, and water between rocks the cleanest and is filled by a life: among picturesque seaweed mussels hide, crabs and the small fish scurry about. On slopes of mountains evergreen trees clamber, the age of many of which comes nearer to the thousand-year. Aroma of a treelike juniper, sudakskoj pines and vibrations of cicadas fill this forgotten world which has been fenced off from a civilisation by steep rocks of almost kilometre height. Here to the advanced person becomes clear as it is possible to worship to stones and trees, artists and photographers, contactors, psychics here direct and is simple fans to live stark naked.

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