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    Gaspra and the Swallow's nest, Koreiz, Mishor, Alupka

    Gaspra, Koreiz, Mishor - three medieval places in 12 km on the West from Yalta. They have already merged for a long time in a single whole. And, formally there are only two poselkovyh council - Gasprinsky and Koreizsky, and the name of Mishor is the most popular for some reason.

    Mishor - the warmest place in Crimea, with the softest winter, therefore parks local are especially magnificent. In their greens country houses and the palaces reminding feudal castles of the Middle Ages are fancifully scattered. Princes of Golitsyny, Naryshkiny, Meshchersky invited for their building of the European architects. The most part of ancient parks is popular and Simply Mishorsky park is called. It big, is good for walks and most well-known of which – a beach "Mermaid" proceeds the several popular quays.

    Zdravnitsy Mishora already practically merge with health resorts Alupki, medieval small town, before recent time were much more and more important, than Yalta. All palaces of Mishora belong to health resorts, to get to them not so simply, and here in Alupke both the huge palace and grandiose parks will be interesting to walks for many days. Over parks and palaces as if continuing them in heavens, a snow-white teeth Ah-petri soars. So from Alupki it will by all means want to rise through Mishor on a rope-way, well and from Mishora, certainly, to take a walk on parks Alupki and to visit the Vorontsovsky palace.

    the Lay-out and transport lines. Along seacoast mishorskoe the coast lasts on 7 km. It is possible to get here on a boat directly from Quay in Yalta or from road service station by the bus № 27, going in Alupku on the bottom road (Alupkinsky highway), and to the top quarters and sanatoria by the bus №26 going in Simeiz on the top road (the Sevastopol highway).

    Gorod Alupka is located in 17 km on the West from Yalta. Along the sea it was stretched on 4 km.

    Between Mishorom and Alupkoj over sanatorium "Ah-petri" territory the white round arbour with a remarkable kind is arranged. Including on the grandiose concrete pier leaving from cape in the sea – too a quite good place for walks if it will be possible to get on sanatorium territory.

    Public. Aristocratic privacy of these resorts, but at the same time availability of Yalta with its entertainments and a bright night life, keep the style of the local rest which has developed in H IX century.

    People with money and with taste put here in order the health, but do not neglect also noisy Yalta fun.

    Most-most. Over the sea, certainly, the romantic lock " dominates; the Swallow's nest " on Avrorinoj to a cape rock Ah-todor. The earths Gaspry, actually, begin With it. The country house is constructed in 1912 under the project of architect A.V.Shervuda for V.Shtejngelja's baron, the Baku petroindustrialist. In 1927 during earthquake the rock part, and here a building has fallen has resisted, the truth, many long years it was considered emergency and has been closed. It is restored in 1971 Under its basis was the monolithic ferro-concrete plate is brought, cracks are concreted, restoration works are spent.

    Now in it expensive Italian restaurant "Verona" settles down.

    the Cape Ah-todor presses in the sea neptunovskim a trident. Its most southern tooth - Actually ah-Todorsky spur - the highest part of cape. For a long time it served as a reference point on a way of seafarers. Coming back from the "§юцфхэш  for three ьюЁ " on the way from Balaklavy to Feodosiya, has rounded this cape in XV century the well-known traveller Athanasius Nikitin. Now at spur top there is a beacon; more than for 50 miles its blinking eye is visible in the sea.

    Now the territory to the West from Lastochkinogo of a nest is occupied with some health resorts. Their territory for strangers is closed. Well and if possibility – the most interesting – Haraksky park is presented, belongs to sanatorium "Dnepr" (pos to Gaspra). Ruins of the Roman fortress of Haraks There have remained, the ancient park contains in itself and relic vegetation, but also a palace created in 1904 for the uncle of emperor n George Mihajlovicha Romanov, the founder of Russian museum in St.-Petersburg. It is designed in the Scottish style, simply and conveniently. P ark it is interesting also by an arbour in style of a court yard of an ancient Roman country house. It has been constructed for the wife of the prince, the Greek princess Maria Georgievny.

    More well and it is interesting to look at a beacon and cape from the sea, from the Ah-Todorsky bay where trip boats moor. The rocky islet the Sail , put forward in the sea is picturesque. On a rock the Sail always set of seagulls, cormorants and other birds.

    At top the Limen-breaker, one of ledges Ah-todora, is a specific platform that is called "ъряш=рэёъшь ьюё=шъюь" the unforgettable landscape therefrom opens: the majestic and freakish line of mountains as if sprouts then, there magnificent colours of South careful palaces. One more ledge is called the Monastyr-breaker, on it ruins of a medieval monastery have really remained. However detailed survey Ah-todora demands serious skalolaznoj preparation.

    Divers have found out the numerous caves flooded with water In bottom of cape. As have shown underwater archaeological researches, in the Stone Age they were on a land and served as dwelling to primitive hunters. Caves can be visited with an aqualung.

    The Most part of health resorts of Gaspry and Koreiza are inaccessible to visitings. So as a place of walks for all having a rest serve Mishorsky and Alupkinsky parks, and tourists continuously follow in the Alupkinsky palace. Entertainments are concentrated also in Alupke and Mishorsky park.

    The main streets Alupki (brothers of Gavyrinyh) and Koreiza (the Sevastopol highway), built up on a boundary XIX - the XX-th centuries in the special technics of a South careful stone laying are interesting enough. With an invention many modern small restaurants, private boarding houses are arranged also. Traditions here treat with respect.

    the Winery "+ыѕяър" is based in 50th years of a XIX-th century of M.S.Vorontsovym, then has passed in Specific department and association "Massandra", in 1982 at it the tasting complex, one of the world's largest has opened.

    In 20th years XIX in Alupke have arisen century a large landowner economy column M.S.Vorontsova - with unsurpassed on a successful combination of English and Muslim architecture a palace, magnificent park, extensive economic grounds. After Great October revolution the palace has been nationalised, and in 1921 to year in it the museum, till now one of the most popular in Crimea have been opened.

    Dvortsovo-park reserve "-юЁюэчютёъшщ фтюЁхч" (72-23-72) – one of the most popular in tourists, and he deserves to come back here not once. Projected a palace the English architect Edward Blor , the court architect of king Wilhelm IV and queens Victoria. With participation of Blora have been created the Buckingham palace in London and the lock in Scotland for Walter Scott. And over park breakdown the German gardener Charles Kebah supervised. Chernozem on local stone haosy brought on barges from Ukraine in the beginning across Dnepr, then on black exhausting and in baskets carried on slopes. So it is live memory and of hundreds anonymous gardeners and workers. Well and in memory of a natural kind of these places the Big chaos – something from landscapes of "Star wars», almost lifeless, but majestic is kept also. After a sight at these grandiose naked blocks you understand also all greatness of "voluntarism" of count Vorontsova.

    Alupkinsky parks (Top and Bottom) are extraordinary rich with exotic kinds of plants and valuable local breeds (about 200 kinds). Fountains, cascades, the ponds one of which is called as Swan lake are especially remarkable in the Top park. It wonderfully shades all and freshens majestic blocks of diabase, strong magmatic breed from which the palace is built also.

    The Input in park free, and here to well-known vorontsovskim to lions it is possible to get through a special paid input on the Southern terrace. To the Southern facade of a palace the monumental ladder with three steams of lions conducts from park from outside the seas. Figures of lions are executed from white marble in a workshop of Italian sculptor Bonnani. It is possible to see its signature on a figure of a sleeping lion. Above two clearing up lions, and at the top steps - the awake lions showing a copy of lions of Kanovy, decorating a tomb of daddy Klimenta XII in Rome.

    In total in a palace about 150 rooms. The lobby, a lobby, a dining room and a billiard room are finished morenym by an oak. And in a winter garden against magnificent greens the collection of antique statues flaunts. In the blue drawing room, drawing attention stucco mouldings, in 1863 last time in the life great Russian actor Michael Schepkin acted.

    The Bottom park goes down the avenues and glades directly to the sea. A lay-out here not so smart palace, and free terrasnaja. Pride of park – magnificent freakish crones of the Italian pines-stone pines.

    Mishorsky park it more noisy, populous, sated with shops, discos does not concede Alupkinsky on floristic riches, but, cafe.

    On east to park edge there is a beach "Mermaid" with spacious quay and entertaining restaurants and cafe. On mishorskom a beach, one of the purest in Crimea, many generations having a rest admire sculptures. It is bronze " the Mermaid " rising of the sea with the child on hands, and on quay a fountain "-хтѕ°ър Arzy and the robber +ыш-срср". the Estonian architect A.Adamson has made them by request of prince Felix Jusupova Sr.

    On a legend beauty Arzy has been stolen by the robber the Ali-woman, sold in a harem of the Turkish sultan, but has returned to native places the mermaid...

    From the end XIX centuries in this area the set of magnificent palaces and country houses of Russian aristocracy and merchant class is under construction. But the majority of palaces to strangers are inaccessible. However, from the sea or from a rope-way almost all from them are visible.

    The largest manor - a manor of princess A.S.Golitsynoj, the first of Russian aristocracy moved to Crimea for ever. It was known as the head of the largest mystical society. Later the manor was a part of the big manor of princes of Jusupovyh. In 1904 here has been constructed Koreizsky (former Jusupovsky) a palace in a modernist style under the project of the Yalta architect Eshlimana, later altered under the direction of academician N.P.Krasnov.

    In sanatorium territory "¦шё§юЁ" it is possible to see a private residence of noble family - at sadbu L.A.Naryshkin "Рю¶шхтър" received the name "¦рыр  +ыѕяъш".

    In Gaspre is worthy "Ёюьрэ=шёхёър  +ыхъёрэфЁш " prince A.N.Golitsyn (friend Alexander I, the ober-public prosecutor of the Sacred Synod) - now in it the sanatorium "Їёэр  ¤юы эр" takes places;. This name is given present sanatorium in honour of arrival to a manor belonging already to countess Paninoj, in September, 1901 after a serious illness there has arrived the great Russian writer L.N.Tolstoy . In Crimea it met A.P.Chekhov, A.M.bitter, F.I.Shalyapin and others.

    The Palace " Kichkine " ("¦ры¦=ър" with krymskotatarskogo) it is erected in 1908-1911 on cape Ah-todor in Gaspre. It compare to Russian kupchinoj, the dressed up Turk, - so it is freakish and amusing.

    "- park Chair are dismissed Ёюч№..." is about a local summer residence " Chair " constructed by one of Romanovs.

    The Palace " Djulber " (fine), it is constructed in Koreize for grand duke Peter Nikolaevicha in 1895-1897 under N.P.Krasnov's project. More than hundred premises with silvery domes, carved stone inserts and mosaic compositions on walls remind of the Arabian Egypt XV centuries.

    Near to estates of aristocrats in Mishore in due course there were manors of rich Siberian dealer Tokmakova and Moscow bigwigs Shelaputina. Koreiz becomes the property of one of the largest rich men of Russia - prince Jusupova who was in related communications with Romanovs.

    In Mishore there is a bottom station of a rope-way on Ah-petri. This remarkable construction has become operational in 1987. Its length - 3 km, lifting time - 20 minutes.

    More simple way to rise on Ah-petri, and at the same time and to visit on road the most known nature sanctuaries of a southern slope of Jajly – directly on the Yalta road service station to sit down in a fixed-route taxi with an inscription «Ah-petri through falls Wuchang-sou».

    Znamenistosti. In "Їёэѕ¦ ¤юы эѕ" (then belonging already to countess Paninoj) in September, 1901 after a serious illness there has arrived the great Russian writer L.N.Tolstoy . In Crimea it met A.P.Chekhov, A.M.bitter, F.I.Shalyapin and others.

    Koreiz was the property of one of the richest people of Russia - prince Jusupova, were in related communications with Romanovs. Therefore it is difficult to tell, who from offsprings of the loudest surnames of the Russian empire and reigning houses of Europe has not visited at it on a visit.

    Naturally, worked here and the best artists, musicians, singers, architects, gardeners.

    In February, 1945, during the Yalta (Crimean) conference of heads of three great powers, in the Koreizsky palace the Soviet governmental delegation took places. The English delegation took places in the Alupkinsky palace. In general during war fascists did not bomb these areas as they did not represent strategic value, and South careful palaces have been distributed in advance between leaders of the Third Reich.

    In Alupke and its vicinities known artists worked: I.I.Shishkin, V.I.Surikov, K.F.Bogaevsky . Many years have lived here glorified batalist N.S.samokish and one of patriarchs of the Soviet painting V.M.Novikov . One of the highest rocks with a specific platform bears a name of the outstanding marine painter Ayvazovsky . And in "Орщэюь фюьшъх" nearby it is possible to see works of modern artists.

    U.Churchill , having visited the Vorontsovsky palace during the Yalta conference, has felt here, "т far Russia, old +эуыш¦" and Dzhavaharlal Nehru in 1955 - India Great Moguls.

    Alupka is proud of the native which bust is established at an input in park. Twice the Hero of Soviet Union, the fighter pilot Amethan the Sultan , in days of the Great Patriotic War has personally brought down 30 planes of the opponent and 19 planes in group air fights. After war he has tested over 100 planes and in 1961 became the deserved test pilot.

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