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    Artek, Gurzuf and Ah-danil

    Gurzuf is rather big resort settlement, the Big Yalta first in structure if you drive from outside Alushty. At once behind the well-known Bear-mountain below from a line cases, parks and beaches of the International children's centre "+Ё=хъ" last; and then and picturesque cascades of houses of Gurzuf. Especially remarkable kind opens from the Gurzufsky autobridge (it and in itself is unusual the form bent on an arch). In the centre of a spacious valley the Genoa rock reminding huge dvuhgorbogo a camel towers.

    Even better a kind from turn of highway from Nikita: all open space of the cosy Gurzufsky bay protected by power of Bear-mountain, and on its background rocks-islets of Adalary and freakish coastal rocks. And from them on hilly slopes in the inconceivable image houses and health resorts in dark greens of powerful cedars and cypresses clamber.

    All it is surrounded by vineyards on which unsurpassed muscats "¦рёёрэфЁр" ripen;. In the west the panorama at the sea is closed by the white rectangular case of sanatorium "Ah-danil", huge even on removal. Over it magnificent country houses of stars of the Russian show business and heads of well-known oil concern "Lukoil".

    But there is also other effective entrance: from Quay of Yalta on the bottom road on a bicycle, a motorcycle or the car (it is possible to sit down simply on a minibus from the market) to Nikita. On the way it is possible to examine the Yalta cargo port, natural boundary Magarach with a museum of winemaking and the most beautiful experimental vineyards, naturally, and the Nikitsky botanical garden. In the bottom of the Garden there are the beaches framed with concrete breakwaters. A beach at rocky breakages of cape Martjan – nudist.

    After the Nikitsky garden, is more exact hardly more low and on the contrary than its main gate, at cafe «At Nikitsky gate» the ancient pack track, vedushaja in Ah-danil begins. Above it, through settlement garages it is possible to pass in Ah-danil and on the car. Well and from are Ah-danilja already visible it is a little expensive to different parts of Gurzuf – asphalt or soil. They go among unique vineyards so in a crop (October) to pass or pass from Martjana to Ah-danilju (with. Danilovka) it is impossible.

    the Lay-out and transport lines. the Center of all services and information is in Gurzuf the former autostation (now taxi parking) - "я =рёюъ" below it there is a quay, and above post office and the market. From "я =рёър" on the east to Arteku there is a main street of Gurzuf Leningrad. Opposite to camp "-шярЁшёэ№щ" a stop of the bus №2 going through all Artek. To Ah-danilju (4 km on the West) it is possible to get from Gurzuf on old South careful road, but having a rest arrive, of course, on a trolleybus line on which there is a special pavilion of a stop and descent from it.

    From Yalta to Gurzuf it is possible to pass by bus № 31 (Yalta-Gurzuf) from road service station and trip steam-ship from Quay.

    Public. From those it is time as in 1808-11 djuk A.E. dju Plessi de Rishele () has constructed of a sort of the well-known cardinal here a spacious country house and has broken round it exotic park, Gurzuf became favourite vacation spot, creativity and dialogue of the formed Russian elite.

    To the Moscow and Petersburg artists, writers, actors our time has added cosmonauts and other military men, and also figures of cinema and TV.

    MDTS Artek , the Rest house "+¦-фру" (constructed for Central Committee VLKSM) and the Youth centre "Ряѕ=эшъ" (now a rest house "+ѕЁчѕ¶") became usual for the international youth forums, festivals and competitions.

    the Euroasian bureau the World scout movement Most-most. the Rests the Genoa fortress H I - XV centuries and an impressive tunnel in a rock, punched for supervision overseas in the Middle Ages. But the first fortress has been erected on this place even earlier - in VI century by Byzantines. Now it is territory Arteka - the International children's centre. In 1925 the mountain Aju-Dag bottom had first canvas tents of pioneer camp Artek. Extremely healthy climate, the rich nature and a beauty spot was the Determinative at a choice of a place of camp. The mid-annual temperature of air here is equal +13,4, degree, it comes nearer to mid-annual temperature of Nitstsy; deposits will drop out much less, than in the south of France. Dry solar weather is typical for Gurzuf. Before revolution here there were some aristocratic country houses in an environment of evergreen parks. They carefully remain, replenishing with modern sleeping cases and sports constructions.

    If on the first solemn ruler at camp opening there were 30 pioneers, now summer capacity of the centre about 4,5 thousand persons. The territory of Arteka occupies 345 hectares. It was extended along seacoast from Bear-mountain to a rock of the Genoa fortress on 8 kilometres.

    At the disposal of children the Suuk-sou palace (were "-рчшэю") with the big auditorium, library and a museum of astronautics of J.Gagarina. Some camps Arteka are calculated on work within all year. Since 1959 the best camp Arteka - "¦юЁёъющ" - became international. Visitors from 36 countries Here have visited.

    In territory of Arteka more many picturesque and remarkable corners. One of such - Suuk-sou cape (Cold water). The most rock of this cape far acting in the sea is named by Shalyapin's name. On this rock he dreamt to construct a palace for study of talented youth. The proprietress of a resort of the Suuk-sou madam Soloveva refused to sell it. But somehow in the evening after picnic Shalyapin from completeness of admiration of a neighbouring kind has started singing. And the unshakable millionaire has simply presented this earth. It is a pity, events of revolution and Civil war have not allowed to be carried out to dreams of the great singer.

    In the top part of cape the grey tower combined like a medieval fortress is visible, nearby on a platform the small monument to Pushkin is established. In the basis of this rock is well-known the Pushkin grotto .

    Artek - a favourite place of work of cinematographers. Here adventure films are constantly shot, the international children's film festivals are spent.

    Yacht-club Arteka - a place of mooring of seafarers of all countries.

    Magnificent ancient park and intricate cases sanatorium « Gurzufsky» - a remarkable heritage of the Russian businessman P.I.Gubonina , the Bakhchsarai palace which has successfully developed style, having connected it to traditions of Russian wooden architecture and antique motives. In 1882-89, soon after railway Lozovaja-Sevastopol building, on which Guboninu it was possible to earn the big money, it has enclosed them in building of 8 hotel cases, a kursaal, church and restaurant - surprising till now the beauty and engineering decisions.

    The sanatorium Park is interesting not only exotic plants, but also fountains among which it is allocated a fountain "-юёі" - a copy of a sculpture of German professor Berger. Gubonin has got it at the Viennese exhibition in 1898.

    In the Soviet years the church has been destroyed, but other buildings and park were supported in an excellent condition, the set of fountains and sculptures was added also.

    The park Territory is strictly protected, but here it is possible to get in the afternoon with excursion or simply having bought the entrance ticket.

    At once from sanatorium "Gurzufsky" sanatorium "Пушкино" park begins - actually it is the same park Gubonina, and it has been put under instructions djuka de by Rishele. By the way, the Imperial Nikitsky botanical garden has appeared under its initiative so in exotic plants he knew sense.

    But tourists, of course, honour first of all here great Alexander Pushkin . Judges and experts on creativity Pushkin's museum in the former house djuka waits for Rishele. In 1820 the house was removed by a family of general N.N.Raevsky in which hospitable circle the great poet, by own recognition, has spent "ёёрё=ыштхщ°шх ьшэѕ=№" the life.

    Between the centre of Gurzuf and the sea there is a former summer residence-workshop of the outstanding Russian artist Konstantin Korovin (now the House of creativity of artists) accepts now all interested persons. However, costs it expensively enough, and here cafe on the top terrace of a summer residence (it is called on its initial name – "Salambo") height of the prices does not frighten, and here sensations gives the improbable. Highly, so much that is visible: picturesque rocks with birds on them and fishes under them; an amusing combination of ruins of a fortress and modern cascade building; a life of harbour, which already, probably, three thousand years and ant vanity of people below …

    From the centre of Gurzuf on lovely curve side streets it is possible to pass to to Anton Pavlovicha Chekhov's summer residence. It is almost hidden in greens and is on an unapproachable rocky ledge over even more unapproachable bay.

    In the Gurzufsky bay as if two stone sailing vessels - Adalary , on turetski float, this word means simply "юё=Ёютр". Before them was three. Nearby from water hardly small blocks are visible.

    All these rocks as in the sea, and ashore are combined from the breeds composing the Main ridge of Crimean mountains. Over Gurzuf huge fall - the Gurzufsky saddle is perfectly visible. Here from it and "т№ярыш" these rocks, and still a huge Red stone (Cornel-tash) - it has stopped above a line, in the centre of Gurzuf - rocky heaps of mountain Bolgatura, and over the sea powerfully towers Dzhenuvez with ruins of the Genoa fortress.

    All these stone witnesses of sharp lifting of the Main ridge accompanied by catastrophic landslips, a separation and slipping of the whole rocky files, are called jajlinskimi ottorzhentsami. Similar rocks are on all JUBK, but Adalary - the most known. They are embodied on set of photos, pictures and in films. The most beautiful and popular kind – against a huge stone Bear.

    Aju-Dag (Bear-mountain). The mountain form is characteristic for all lakkolitov - so-called "эхёюё=ю т°ш§ё  тѕыърэют". The dome-shaped top was formed as a result of magma cooling in thickness of earth crust. The volcano as though did not have energy for emission of the fused substances from bowels of the earth and, having grown weak, it has fallen asleep on a surface a stone mushroom.

    The Bear-mountain Height is insignificant - 577 m above sea level, however its area is impressive - 5,4

    Aju-Dag is state zakaznikom. From afar it seems that the mountain porosla a bush, actually a wool of a giant stone bear is present dense and shady wood. In it there are ancient roads, tracks, extensive green glades, and there and then nearby - stone breakages, taluses, rocks about which waves below break.

    Aju-Dag name one of natural mineralogical museums of Juzhnoberezhja. Tribunes are made Of the Crimean diabase on Red Square in Moscow. Recently here the mineral known in Crimea - vezuvian is found earlier not. Total number of the minerals found out on Aju-Dage has reached 18. The relic vegetation covering slopes and top of mountain is interesting also: evergreen the tree strawberry, bushes iglitsa pontijskaja, ladannik the Crimean here live. This only thing in Crimea a habitat of a special kind of wood cabbage and a unique habitat in Ukraine a rare fern - kraekuchnika pterisovidnogo. In general specific riches of trees and bushes to equally number of kinds of the whole area in the Midland of Russia - nearby 600.

    In an extreme antiquity the mountain caused sacred trembling and feeling of worship mighty forces of the nature. It is considered that the name of Aju (the Bear on-tatarski) could be to occur from Greek Ajja - Sacred. Archeologists have found out here pagan sanctuaries of different tribes, and also ruins of the Christian churches erected at the dawn of an era Christ's.

    the Cornel-tash (the Red stone) at settlement Krasnokamenka over Gurzuf attracts attention of everything passing on juzhnobrezhnomu highway. It is combined from mramorovidnogo the limestone similar to volume by what the station "-юьёюьюыіёър " is revetted; the Moscow underground. Here, around the Red stone, edinstvennonstvenno мeсто where grapes from which make the best in the world a dessert drink - a muscat white the Red stone grow. The Mountain-ottorzhenets rises over a slope (nearby 500, forming a natural bastion from which the wide review opens. It used in the ancient time: at top of the Red stone ruins of a medieval observation post have remained.

    It used in the ancient time: at top of the Red stone ruins of a medieval observation post have remained. By it the ancient road conducts upwards to pass the Gurzufsky saddle where there is a well-known Arbour of winds. However already territory of the Crimean reserve, the admission it is necessary to take it in Alushte where there is its management.


    The area about 34 thousand in sq. km Is stretched to the West from Alushty, comes also into limits of the Big Yalta, the Bakhchsarai and Simferopol areas. It is created more 150 years ago for imperial hunting, and then was a place of hunting of leaders of Soviet Union (I.Stalin, N.Khruschev, L.Brezhnev) and their foreign visitors. Now both L.Kuchma, and its frequent visitor V.Putin prefer to hunting fishing.

    The Trout from mountain lakes and different programs of rest, for example, an ascension on the highest point of Crimea mountain the Novel-kosh (1545, are accessible to tourists.

    Between Yalta and Alushtoj on jajlam conducts the most beautiful mountain highway - Romanovsky road. Over Gurzuf for kompartijnyh leaders in 1960th years the Arbour of Winds with a view of the sea and woods is constructed . The treasure from the Roman jewelry grasped by Tauris in the beginning of a new era has been close found. Now here a place of shootings for fairy tales and adventure films. The arbour is perfectly visible over breakages jajly from the Gurzufsky bridge on a trolleybus line. And to get on it it is possible only under the special admission of the Crimean reserve or with bus excursion (it is natural, also co-ordinated with reserve management).

    Celebrities. In parks it is possible to see Adam Mickiewicz's busts, Lesi of the Ukrainian, Feodor Shalyapin, Anton Chekhov, Maxim Gorkogo, Vladimir Mayakovsky. These people at various times happened in Gurzuf. Including at known for the erudition and charity A.I. The sultan Crimea-Gireja in its manor of the Suuk-sou. Artists Repin and Surikov, writers Kuprin and Mum's-Siberian loved Gurzuf also. Especially many in Gurzuf it is connected with a name A.S.Pushkin .

    From stars of present time in July on the International children's film festival in Arteke (36-30-80) it is easy to meet known film directors, the actors, popular TV presenters, performers and circus.

    Camp "¦юЁёъющ" stores memory of two on the the remarkable persons living in almost imperceptible modest small house at Kostrovoj of the area. Here the small museum by Z.P.Soloveva , the camp founder is arranged. Since 1920 he headed the Russian Red cross, was the chief of the Main military-sanitary management of Red army, and its interest to Gurzuf has begun with the organisation here military sanatorium. Well and there was then also a remarkable idea of children's camp.

    Domik Soloveva informally name also a small house of the Milady, the Black countess, or Devil's. It is considered, what exactly here the last days the known adventurer the countess Jeanne de has spent Gashe (on the first husband de Lamott, and by origin from an illegal branch of Valua), the girlfriend of count Cagliostro involved together with it to theft of diamond suspension brackets at the French queen. In 1786 on the Grevsky area in Paris the countess has received a shameful brand. And soon it has appeared in St.-Petersburg at court, has converged with princess A.S.Golitsynoj, the head of a mystical society. With it also has got to Crimea where conducted obscure and frightening sermons of Christianity among the Crimean Tatars. For as has deserved a nickname of the Black countess. Well and the name of the Milady clearly speaks about the one who has inspired A.Djuma on its well-known history about diamond suspension brackets.

    It is considered that the ghost of the Black countess and now flashes in old cypress avenues. However, ancient parks Arteka in itself are worthy. On the floristic riches and receptions of garden architecture they are national property. Wiener's park which exotic greens are closed with unique mountain woods – "wool" of a giant Bear is especially interesting.

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