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    Mishor. Do not spoil to itself rest!

    Here has arrived the day before yesterday from Mishora. Had a rest with 30,04 on 22,05 (last year had a rest 2 weeks in May). It would be desirable to note some changes to the best: quality of the service, all polite has improved (waitresses, chamber, concierges, but happen exceptions, basically, in polyclinic is already from the person depends. The meal suffices "ё уюыютющ" (the improved food), but the meal is monotonous and somewhere for 16th day it has become boring to me, began not to eat up, but has all the same recovered on 2 kg. Bad drinks - tea, coffee, juice, but I not choosy and so will descend. A beach pure, orange fresh sell on 4 уЁэ-"°рЁр" (in Yalta-8 grn), lifts in cases normally worked. With the attending physician to me has not carried - has got "=юЁьюч" Koshel. Absolutely knows nothing about medicine. My knowledge and that are deeper. But sister has carried, it had Gordejko, and at its child Bochkovsky. Big it thanks! At the child have completely cured a cold chronic for 10 days. Then I have learnt that it is possible to choose to myself any doctor, but any more did not begin to change, and in vain! Has arrived home with cough! I do not advise to go there with an allergy on flower pollen (polinoz) - all blossoms, will become crazy! After 15 numbers the number having a rest has increased and in polyclinic it was necessary to sit in turns. Sister with the child were not in time on all procedures. Massage - a hogwash, ironed hardly, but is free! Actions were organised neochen interestingly. Went to the cinema, for 5-3 grn. Have looked many interesting films. The parlourmaid it is necessary "яЁшърЁьыштр=і" after that the bed and towels regularly varies. In general in the spring there it is good, but in the summer to go I do not advise. Hot will be, in numbers there is conditioner, no turn in polyclinic, crowd on a beach and half-day is occupied by procedures - there is no time to sunbathe. Come in May! Very much it is pleasant to me there in May! And it is better in boarding house in the summer completely to devote itself to the sea! Numbers in 1 case very good, it is convenient to live on 5 floor - therefrom transition in a dining room or on 6th. Above, me have told, bad furniture in numbers. There were problems with a shower, but during the day malfunctions have eliminated. The permit bought on arrival directly in sanatorium. The price for May - 155грн.с the person, on the child of 50%, but only on an occasional seat. If will live mum and the child in number, will pay for the child completely. It is possible to live on apartment (10-20дол./сут) and to buy from sanatorium kursovku - 70 grn. Treatment + a food improved, 45 grn.lechenie + a usual food. I advise the first variant. In cafe on quay check the account and try to remember the price ordered in the menu. They overestimate it, it has been noticed by me 2 times! Thus that I very seldom there happened. In general of impression good, but the next year, likely, I will go to other sanatorium that was with what to compare. To persons spoilt there to go I do not advise, to those who is easier - very much even I recommend! The main thing, do not search for lacks, they are everywhere! Do not spoil to itself rest! Good luck!

    the Author: Anna, Kiev
    It is placed: 7 10 2005
    It is seen: 1970 times ()
    A story Estimation: Fair

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